B&P F2 Mach Professional Handicap Shotshells 12 ga 2-3/4″ 7/8 oz 1365 fps #9 25/ct


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  • This premier line of superior performing shotshells will satisfy even the most demanding Trap and Skeet shooters. Integrating the innovative Gordon Caseand specially designed components, this line of products possess a strong history of championship, including Olympic Gold Medals.
  • B&P 12 gauge shotshells feature the shock-absorbing Gordon Hull. The Gordon Hull acts on the energy directed towards the shooter's shoulder. The base wad closes the bottom of the shell casing while at the same time anchoring the end plug tube and serving as the primer seating. Together with the metal end plug, it creates a solid structure that resists the shock of the firing and extraction phases.
  • In addition to this, however, and unlike other paper or plastic base wads the Gordon shell casing also absorbs recoil. The result is a more compact and uniform shot pattern and better penetration.


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