Federal Hevi-Bismuth Shotshells 12ga 3″ 1-1/8oz 1350 fps #3 25/ct


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Never compromise performance. Federal Premium® HEVI-Bismuth™ hits both upland birds and waterfowl with the power of 9.6 g/cc density pellets. Sourced from our partners at HEVI-Shot®, the industry leader in pellet technology, HEVI-Bismuth shot is 22 percent denser than steel, delivering more lethal energy downrange. Launched by the FLITECONTROL FLEX® wad, bismuth pellets pattern consistently, and their metallic properties make them safe in both modern and classic shotguns.

  • At 9.6 g/cc, HEVI-Bismuth pellets are 22 percent denser than steel
  • More downrange energy
  • Higher pellet counts than comparably performing steel
  • Softer than steel and tungsten
  • Rear-deploying FLITECONTROL FLEX wad creates more consistent, efficient patterns in ported and non-ported chokes
  • Safe and effective for use in both classic and modern shotguns
  • Pellets are alloyed and cast in the USA

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