HEVI-Shot Dead Coyote! Shotshells 12 ga 3-1/2″ 1-5/8 oz #T 1350 fps 10/ct


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Coyotes are well-known as keen, adaptable, elusive animals. You have to be just as clever. You need to do everything right, have the right equipment, the right location, and the right environment.  You are skilled enough to get that coyote within range.   Don't risk wasting all that hard work to just any ammunition–choose “Dead Coyote!”®. It has more downrange energy than any other varmint shell on the market.
This high-density shotshell has extremely tight patters capable of taking down a ‘yote up to 70 yards away!  Our new and improved formula is still non-toxic and frangible (which reduces the possibility of ricochet or spark).  This is why the USDA chooses “Dead Coyote!”® for their predator control, including hogs

  • 12g/cc pressed tungsten
  • Super dense and tight patterns allow for lethality on Coyote's out to 70 yards
  • Frangible and non-sparking

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