Hevi-Shot HEVI-XII Shotshells 20 ga 3″ 1.25 oz 1350 fps #4 25/ct


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Pack in with HEVI-XII and come out carrying extra weight. Loaded with HEVI-Shot’s original 12 g/cc tungsten that's 53.8 percent denser than steel, these loads double the downrange energy, hitting birds harder from a longer distance. This means you can drop three shot sizes for the same lethality and still put 28 percent more pellets on target.

  • HEVI-Shot's original 12 g/cc tungsten pellets that are 53.8 percent denser than steel
  • High velocities
  • More lethal pellets in a tighter pattern
  • Improved cold-weather performance
  • 100 percent non-toxic
  • Outperforms steel in every category

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