Hornady Critical Defense Handgun Ammunition 9mm Luger 115 gr. FTX 1140 fps 25/ct


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Invest in the new Hornady Critical Defense handgun ammo, specifically the Hornady Critical Defense 9mm 115gr. The Hornady Critical Defense Handgun Ammo, including the Hornady 9mm Luger, is one of the finest ammos of our time. It feeds comfortably in all pistols and is also Hornady 9mm Critical Defense ammo that is very visible, even in darkness.

The bullets, primarily used for personal defense like the Critical Defense 9mm, were engineered by some of the best people in the industry. This design ensured they avoided setbacks, a common issue in many ammos. The company now offers bullets for 44 Specials and 45 Colts. Whether you're looking for the Hornady 9mm ammo or other variants, Hornady bullets can be used for all your hunting needs. Every shooter should consider the Hornady Critical Defense for their needs.

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