Liberty Civil Defense Handgun Ammunition .45 ACP (+P) 78 gr 1900 fps SCHP 20/ct


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Liberty Ammunition’s 45 ACP Lead Free ammunition is a 78 grain, lead free, personal defense ammo. It offers undeniable advantages over traditional jacketed hollow-point ammunition. This light bullet, high velocity round yields less felt recoil which could lead to faster recovery time between shots. It offers significant weight reduction versus traditional ammunition. For individuals, who carry a spare magazine or two, this weight reduction is significant. The concept behind Liberty’s Civil Defense Ammunition is high speed and high energy bullets which create an exceptionally large temporary stretch cavity when they hit the gel block. Due to the fragmenting nature of the Civil Defense bullet, the fragments radiate off the temporary stretch cavity and leave behind permanent damage. Unlike traditional hollow-point bullets, Civil Defense adds a level of permanence to the temporary stretch damage. Civil Defense 45 ACP Lead Free also has a deeper penetrating base component that behaves much like a traditional jacketed hollow-point bullet. Loads of this weight class seldom shows good accuracy, but Liberty’s 45 ACP Lead Free ammo has excellent accuracy. The bullet is long and has good bearing surface to contact the rifling. All of Liberty Ammunition products meet SAAMI specs.

Copper, Monolithic, Hollow-Point Fragmenting, Personal Defense Round

  • Weight: 78gr
  • Velocity: >1900 FPS
  • Kinetic Energy: >600 FPE
  • Accuracy: <2?@50yds
  • Terminal Effect: >4 ¬Ω ‚ÄúW x 12‚Äù D
  • Rounds: 20 per box

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