Liberty Civil Defense Handgun Ammunition 9mm (+P) 50gr SCHP 2000 fps 20/ct


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Liberty Ammunition’s 9mm Ammo Lead Free ammo is a high-performance ammunition with twice the effective range of standard ammo. This lead free ammo provides up to 16% less felt recoil and considerably less weight in loaded magazines. Liberty reduced the projectile weights to less than half of a traditional lead core and copper jacketed hollow point bullet.

Civil Defense 9mm Ammo Lead Free personal defense round has received the highest score from the National Tactical Officers Association Members Tested and Recommended Program. With a 50-grain weight and a velocity of 2,000 FPS (kinetic energy at >450 FPE), Liberty Ammo Civil Defense 9mm rounds have an accuracy rate of under 2-inches at 50 meters. Lead-free bullets and ammunition are the future and Liberty Ammunition is in the forefront of that movement.,/p>

Shooting a temperature stable Clear Ballistics gelatin, the 9mm rounds consistently penetrates beyond 12”, and never exits the 16” blocks. This includes shooting through t-shirts, towels and other clothing material that participants wanted to shoot. However, it will penetrate car doors and windshields. The round penetrates to the FBI minimum without over-penetrating. Additionally, the light round will punch through sheet metal and laminated glass – two of the toughest barriers – without any problem.

9mm Ammo Lead Free ammo is a Copper, Monolithic, Hollow-Point Fragmenting, Personal Defense Round

  • Weight: 50gr
  • Velocity: >2000 FPS
  • Kinetic Energy: >450 FPE
  • Accuracy: <2?@50yds
  • Terminal Effect: >3 ¬Ω ‚ÄúW x 12‚Äù D
  • Rounds: 20 per box

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