Remington Bucket of Bullets Rimfire Ammo.22 LR High Velocity 36 gr PHP 1280 fps 1400/ct


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The Legendary 22 Golden Bullet Plated Round Nose and Hollow Point bullets, also known as the Remington Bucket Of Bullets .22 LR 1400/ct ammo, are engineered for easy cycling and solid performance. High Velocity increases downrange energy, extending your effective range. Improved priming compound ensures consistent ignition at a great value. Look for the Remington Bucket O' Bullets .22 LR in 50-round boxes, 525-round Value Packs, and the economical 1,400-round Bucket O' Bullets.

The Remington Bucket of Bullets Rimfire Ammo in .22 LR features high velocity 36 gr PHP rounds at 1280 fps. This bulk pack of 1400 rounds is ideal for avid shooters who demand consistency and precision in their target practice, training sessions, or small game hunting.

Elevate your shooting range with high velocity and reliable ignition. Grab your Remington Bucket of Bullets Rimfire Ammo .22 LR today!

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