Remington Premier Bismuth Shotshells 410 ga 3 in 9/16 oz 1200 fps #4 25/ct


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New from Remington, Premier Bismuth lets you hit harder and farther, with any shotgun on any flying feathered game.

Out-performing steel, HEVI BISMUTH’s dense shot flies farther with more retained energy, giving you deadly performance at greater distances. HEVI BISMUTH's density makes smaller shot sizes viable, resulting in more pellets per payload, more shot on target, and more mornings hitting your bag limit.

Rolling prairie or flooded timber, Premier Bismuth is equally effective on upland game and waterfowl, all at a price point that won’t break the bank.

  • 22% MORE DENSE THAN STEEL – Hits just like lead with 44% more downrange energy
  • SAFE TO SHOOT IN ALL BARRELS – Including vintage shotguns
  • HEVI BISMUTH – Proudly alloyed and cast in the USA
  • ALL-SEASON LOAD – For waterfowl or upland hunts
  • NON-TOXIC – 9.64g/cc density

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