Remington Slugger Managed-Recoil Rifled Slug 12 ga 2 3/4″ 1 oz 1200 fps 5/ct


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These 12-gauge, 2_ inch rifled slugs belong to Remington's Slugger Managed-Recoil line of ammunition. These rifled slugs deliver premium-quality performance and accuracy with 45 percent less felt recoil than Remington's high-velocity Slugger line of rifled slugs.

Not only do these slugs have lower felt recoil, but they also deliver highly effective energy out to a distance of 80 yards, which makes them capable of handling most ranges for deer hunting with a shotgun. The Slugger Managed-Recoil line of ammunition makes deer hunting a fun and comfortable experience, not something that will leave you feeling sore for days afterward.

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