Wilson Combat Rifle Ammunition 300 HAM R | 130gr Speer HAM’R Hot-Core 2510 FPS – 18″ Barrel | 20/Box


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300 HAM'R HOT-CORE Uses: Hunting for game up to 400# or self-defense/tactical when controlled expansion and deep penetration is required.

  • High quality, USA made brass cases, bullets and other components
  • Clean burning, low-flash powders for preserved night vision and reduced firearm maintenance
  • Rigid taper crimping and post-manufacture tumble polishing enhance feed reliability and extraction
  • Operating pressures tailored for different firearm barrel lengths
  • Consistent velocity and superb accuracy
  • Enhanced velocity loadings tailored to appropriate bullet construction for controlled expansion and deep penetration tested in real firearms, not test barrels
  • 100% produced and hand-inspected at their facility in Berryville, AR

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